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Grow Together

We want our cultivators to be successful. We believe that if you put the right genetics in your gardens, the flowers will sell themselves.

We’re pheno-hunters. We will fill your gardens with the hottest genetics, the most in-demand cultivars, the newest strains. We have a vault of seeds from proven sources for you to pull from.

We’re breeders. We are creating custom genetics that allow cultivators to develop their own strains. We are also housing people’s genetics securely, and selling clones of those strains to them exclusively.

We’re collaborators: We’re always interested in talking with growers, potential business partners, and those seeking skilled employment.

We are doing our part to keep California cannabis the best in world. As the market expands, this means keeping our fingers on the pulse of what buyers are looking for — on what people really want to smoke, consume, and grow.